Marathon Motor Engineering

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Marathon Motor Engineering

Marathon Motor Engineering

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MME is a company living its vision;
1st Vision - 2008/09:    “Aiming to be the best Customer Centric Automotive Retail Company”
2nd Vision - 2013:        “Aiming to be Assembler & Customer  Centric Automotive Retail Company”
3rd Vision - 2019:         “Aiming to be a Trendsetter Automotive Company in East Africa”

focusing on customer centric ser vice, together with the challenges at the time, it gradually drove MME from impor ting CBU (Completely built up unit) to assembling multi models. The first two visions helped MME as a corner stone for setting up the  3rd vision, which is in effect, encourages us to provide our valued customers with a cutting- edge choice. Driven by a shared vision of assembling vehicles, which have reached at today with annual capacity of 20,000 units and 14 models including Electric Vehicles.

MME not only surpasses expectations but also makes a reasonable contribution to our country. MME as an elite auto-company has been working hard by modernizing all the facilities, and keep on providing “a peace of mind driving”, moving for ward enhancing the existing vehicle assembly facility to CKD (Completely Knocked down), more of to promoting E-mobility in line with zero emission and eco-friendly policy of our government, ultimately realizing its 3rd vision aiming to be a trendsetter automotive company in East Africa promoting innovation and excellence in quality in the industr y.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a culture in MME, we strongly believe that giving back to the society is a  great  blessing. The greatest loss is when we fail contributing to the nation.

MME feels proud for fulfilling its tax obligations by complying the tax law, it has been awarded as a loyal high tax payer by Ministr y of Revenues for five years in a row.

As a corporate culture which we are engaged is skill upgrading of fresh graduates to fill the gap of skilled manpower for different sectors, mainly the automotive industr y. We have dedicated five training centres in which we receive large number of graduates from T VE T and universities. The training provides to some of them job oppor tunity in MME while the others will graduate with certificate.

MME keeps on creating more job oppor tunity by expanding its facilities.

As one of the players in the automotive industr y, we have been working on technology transfer. An example is the assembling of the first historic electric vehicle in 2020 and launching of the second electric model together with the first charging station in 2021.

With the help of my 30 plus years of carrier in the automotive industr y together with loyal customers, government suppor t, suppliers, all other strategic par tners, the commitment of founders, MME employees and visionar y management team is ready to face the tough challenges ahead, with the will of GOD, to upscale our ser vices to provide more benefits to all our strategic par tners and to our nation/countr y at large.

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